Session of the Executive Committee


U prostorijama Olimpijskog Muzeja dana 24.08.2016. održana je sjednica Izvršnog komiteta Paraolimpijskog komiteta BIH na kojoj su članovi Izvršnog komiteta upoznati sa trenutnom situacijom odlaska našeg …

In the premises of the Olympic Museum on the day 24.08.2016. was held session of the Executive Committee of the Paralympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina at which the members of the Executive Committee were briefed with the current situation about participating of our Paralympic team of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the upcoming Paralympic Games Rio 2016.

At the session as a unified decision of all members  was made, that in the future from the Budget Committee will finance exclusively Paralympic sports.
Members of the IC PKBIH have wished good luck to our national team at the Paralympic Games and given the task to make a medal as it worked so far.