RIO 2016

The athletes participating in the Paralympic games are:

Sitting volleyball
  1. Sabahudin Delalić
  2. Safet Alibašić
  3. Ismet Godinjak
  4. Benis Kadrić
  5. Mirzet Duran
  6. Ermin Jusufović
  7. Dževad Hamzić
  8. Nizam Čančar
  9. Asim Medić
  10. Adnan Manko
  11. Adnan Kešmer
  12. Armin Šehić
  1. Dževad Pandžić
  2. Dženita Klico

The rest of the delegation of Paralympic Team Rio 2016 are:

  1. Igor Ignjatović - generalni sekretar
  2. Osman Handžić - šef misije
  3. Miralem Zubović - administrativno osoblje
  4. Dževad Šabeta - administrativno osoblje
  5. Mirza Hrustemović -Trener sjedeće odbojke
  6. Zikret Mahmutović - Trener sjedeće odbojke
  7. Ejub Mehmedović - Trener sjedeće odbojke
  8. Edhem Mašić - trener atletike
  9. Mirsad Muftić - doktor
  10. Džanković Anel - Press

The four regions where will be held RIO 2016 games:


"Heart" of the events, in the western part of town, surrounded by lagoons, mountains and parks. The whole area has 15 of the competition. This will maintain competition in weightlifting, table tennis, badminton, boxing, tennis, basketball, judo, wrestling in the Greco-Roman style, handball, swimming, water polo, gymnastics, fencing, diving and synchronized swimming

Deodoro Olympic Park

It is located in the western part of the city. Here will be held 7 Olympic and 4 Paralympic competition: shooting, modern pentathlon, equestrian sports, hockey, basketball, cycling, canoeing.


In this location are included two famous buildings: the Maracana and the Sambadrome. The stadium Maracana will host the opening ceremony and closing of the games. From the competition here will be held athletics, archery, marathon, volleyball, water polo, and some of the football match.


The most famous Brazilian beach, in the south of the city, stretches over 4 kilometers. Here will be the various races and competitions will be held at several locations: Flamengo Park, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon and Marina de Gloria. Sports to be held here are sailing, athletics, cycling, triathlon, swimming, rowing, beach volleyball.