The national team of BH in the fifth consecutive final of Paralympic Games


Another magnificent result achieved last night by representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina sitting volleyball team who have in the semi-final duel Paralympic games completely outplayed selection Egypt and more than deserved their fifth consecutive finals. Start of the match offered quite equivalent game, no team has managed to seriously to create advantage until the finish of the first set when our guys took the ball and with 25 23 came to 1-0. Much less exciting was the second set in which the electives of coach Mirza Hrustemović quickly went to the unmatched advantage to this part of set and won with 25 16. The Egipt team tried to fight back in the third set but against extremely cheerful BH volleyball they simply could not win. Delalic and electives routinely managed this and won this set  with 25 20 to confirm the conquest of another Paralympic medals. What will it be next we’ll find out tomorrow from 17 hours when our boys in the grand finale, as well as to a previous four Paralympics play against the selection of Iran which is in the second semi-final defeated Brazil 3-0.

Otherwise, yesterday at the 15th Paralympic Games played our Dzevad Pandžic in the shot put. He competed in the won ninth place which is a great result if we take into account that just before Paralypmics has been drastic changes in the rules which went in favor of BH competitors.

Anel Džanković